Meal Deals


Meal Deals are available each night for $65, in addition to our daily curbside menu (served from 11:30 am - 7:45 pm). Other than Tuesday's Fried Chicken, Meal Deals may be picked up at any time in the day.

Online ordering for each Meal Deal opens the prior evening at 9 pm (until sold out). Additional details will be on our social media.

  • Tuesday 5/26: Tea-Brined Whole-Fried Chicken [about 10 pieces], 1 pint Mashed Potatoes, 1 pint Bacon-Braised Collard Greens, 4 Buttermilk Biscuits, 1 pint Lemon-Buttermilk Sherbet, + Batch of Margaritas or Bottle of White Wine

  • Wednesday 5/27: Cheese Lasagna [3 cheesy layers in 10"x13" pan], Mixed Lettuces Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette, 1 pint Our Choice of Ice Cream, + Batch of Old-Fashioneds or Bottle of Red Wine

  • Thursday 5/28: Burger Box [1/2 lb. double cheeseburgers, 2-pack ($35) or 4-pack ($65)], Potato Chips & Buttermilk Onion Dip, + Beers, Cocktails, or 1 pint of Our Choice of Ice Cream

  • Friday 5/29: Pork Osso Buco [2 16 oz. braised pork shanks], Parmesan Geechie Boy Mill Grits, Roasted Vegetables, 1 pint Ice Cream, + Batch of Old-Fashioned or Bottle of Red Wine

  • Saturday 5/30: To Be Announced

Typically Meal Deals serve approximately 3-4 comfortably (unless otherwise stated), but we do acknowledge that portion size preferences vary greatly.


To assist you in deciding how many orders you require to feed your party, for all Meal Deals the weight, volume, or count will be explicitly stated for each item on the ordering page (and social media). For example, Tuesday's Fried Chicken Dinner is an entire whole chicken [about 10 pieces of crispy goodness].

Menu items are subject to change due to availability of ingredients.

Kindly note we do not permit substitutions or offer splits at this time.

We Care

We are adhering to all national (CDC, National Restaurant Association, FDA), Tennessee state, and Knox County guidelines regarding COVID-19 preparedness. Additionally, we are proud to follow the James Beard Foundation guidances for safely reopening. 


Also, we are the first restaurant in downtown Knoxville to install patented technology, self-cleaning air purifiers in our HVAC units. They are duct-mounted commercial air cleaners that kill pathogens like mold, bacteria, and viruses without ozone, mercury, or other harmful byproducts.⁣⁣


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Chef Joseph Lenn

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